What is the aim of this questionnaire?

Males are also facing age- and disease-related symptoms when growing older or getting health problems. This is particularly the case around the age of 50 years. Such common complaints like weakness of muscles, joint and bone complaints, impaired memory, lack of concentration, nervousness, depression, insomnia, periodic sweating, increasing body weight/abdominal fat, or increasing blood pressure may be a concern. In women of this age similar problems occur and are commonly expressed as “menopausal symptoms” and related to changes in hormones and other new circumstances.
If you like to explore if your health-related complaints could possibly be explained by a lack of male hormones (testosterone), this questionnaire will give you advice.

How to use this Tool

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Once you have completed the next 17 questions, please submit the AMS questionnaire by ticking the appropriate bottom. Thereafter, a new screen pops up providing you with a summary of all your data, and also the result of the screening test with the recommendation what to do next. Summary and conclusions can be printed if you wish and you may discuss it with your physician.